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Ten ways to improve the speed of your woocommerce store

Are you using WordPress for the development of your e-commerce? Well, I must say you have a good choice of use. But have you wondered about what plugin would you use for it? I know there are a lot of plugins in the market. You can choose any. Right? But in actuality, this is not the right approach. You have to analyze first and then chose the best among all that suits your company.

Are you planning for an e-commerce business that is still in the SME range? Then choose a plugin that could be easy to be used and operated. If you are looking for plugins that could work effectively for you in terms of performance and simplicity. Woocommerce is the best option that you can opt for betterment.

Now that you have selected the thing that is right for your company’s e-commerce store. Now, you should also find out the techniques that could help improve the speed. For your convenience, we are discussing ten ways to enhance the speed of the woocommerce store for you.

Ten ways to improve the speed of your Woocommerce store

Let’s now discuss the techniques or specific methods that could be cool enough to speed up your stores. These are the great ways that could pay an impact on your business.

Opt for the light weighted theme

Heavy themes used for the website are acceptable. They can be a must for highlighting some of the things on your website. But not choosing the best can lead to inconvenience in loading the website. To avoid this, you should use a light weighted theme that could be simple yet attractive enough to create an eye-catching experience for the customers.

Use Top-notch Hosting services.

Do you know what the speeding foundation in the website is? It is the host that plays a part in it. Therefore, choose the host that includes features like SSD drives that are efficient enough to provide high performance. Servicer side caching, up-to-date software, and resources that fulfill the need of the website are also necessary.

Enhance memory

There is always a specific limit of memory that is for every website. It is allocated by the hosting provider. You can also enhance your memory if you want. This can be done via the Hosting control panel.

External resources

External resources can be a good option for you. As you use the cloud or the hosting servers or the CND, this can help in enhancing the memory, plus the loading speed would also increase.

Condense Images

The improvements in the speed of your store can be done by using images that could be easily loaded. Some of the pictures and files can be hard for the server to load due to their heaviness. To avoid this, try to condense images that you think would take more time to load and can cause trouble for the server.

Optimize Content Delivery Network (CND)

CND is a better way to increase the speed of your website. As it is the network that can help in downloading the videos, images, and other materials by uploading them to their network. This can be considered a good solution for your business if you do e-commerce internationally.

Be selective with Affiliated Ads

Some of the affiliated ads can create trouble in loading your website. It becomes difficult for the server to work best. Therefore, to avoid this, try to be selective in terms of affiliated Ads.

Cut down on Redirect

Redirecting can be effective for your website, but you cannot download all of them. Therefore, choose a plugin that could be enough for your website. It should have all the features that can be effective for your company.

Remember to clean the database.

The database may have files and things that could be of no use. It may contain some of the viruses that could create a problem for your store. For having an ongoing process without hurdles, always remind yourself to clean the database.

Use cache for more speed

Using cache can be vital for your quick loading speed of the page. As reloading can consume more time and cause the customers to leave the website. Using the cache is wise enough as the browser saves that website as a separate server file. And it loads quickly on the browser of the user when they need it.


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. It simplifies the process of setting up and running an online marketplace by providing fair degrees of availability and several components such as stock and tax administration, safe payment processing, and delivery integrations.

Despite having so many features, there can be some ways that could lower the website’s speed. To help you with this, we have written different techniques in this article.

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