Terms of Engagement


The terms of the agreement are made between the user and AffordIT when they access this page. By accessing this page, they have made sure that they have agreed and understood all the terms that are written over here. Without any notice, the company has the right to revive any of the terms that are maintained on this webpage.


As an AffordIT client or potential client, AffordIT Restricted allows you less authority to view and use the Pages upon the website. The company’s trademarks and copyrights are protected, and nobody has the authority to reproduce any of the site’s material. AffordIT is providing you with all important facts on the terms of use, which state that the firm does not grant you certain rights to be using the patents, copy write, or registered mark.


While AffordIT Limited is delighted with the services that are given to New Zealand and working towards making those as dependable and helpful as possible, we do not make any guarantees. All online services are bound to fail at some point. Modify and update our professional services, so anything which worked for you may no longer function. About any circumstance, we may indeed discontinue providing any service, either permanent or temporary, or deny anybody access to our services.

When you enter this website, you agree on not doing:

  • Disturb the business’s regular operation.
  • Anything unlawful everywhere in the globe, including where we are.
  • The consumers of our services will be an inconvenience.