Did you know there are more than 1.2 billion websites on the internet? Among such much competition, how can you stand out? Well, this is the question that matters a lot. Getting customers towards your business is very much necessary. For having good branding, reputation, image, and good word of mouth. There is a need of getting a competitive edge.

So how to make that point of differentiation? Well, you can do this by designing a website. Website design is very much essential. It is the source of attracting the customers towards you. So what should be done? Well, first of all, you need knowledge about the types of websites. If you have information, then you can act upon it. There are different types of websites on the internet. It is very much vital to choose the right one.

So you wanna know about what are the different types of websites and how to design them? Then you have selected the right blog. In this blog, we are going to discuss the 8 different types of websites and their design. This would help you in deciding which one would be best to opt for.

Eight different types of websites and their designs

There are many different types of websites on the internet. If we start to write about it in detail, covering every type. Then, this blog can become a thesis report. Therefore, for your convenience, we have short-listed some of them. We are going to discuss, eight types of websites which are as follows:


The blog website needs fresh pictures, articles, and attractive videos. Nowadays, every company has started to work on it. They have set good team, expert content writers, and creative topics. So that the company could provide fresh content every day for optimizing their website.

Social media

For faster communication, the majority of people use social media. The companies have taken benefit of it. They have tried to make their presence on every platform. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Snapchat. Companies have made pages and accounts to gain the attention of the people. They have designed it for branding their company.

Portfolio website

This type of website is been used to showcase work or projects. These projects should show your creativity and your dedication to the work. These types of websites are mostly used by artists, filmmakers, or designers who can portray their creativity in a good way.


The homepage of the websites should be designed in a way that could help in navigating. The homepage should be able to brand your website. It should be designed to fulfill its purpose of gaining users’ interest.

Directory page

This page is designed by the developer for showing how the user can contact you. It should contain the data related to your work address, contact number, social media links. This would help in boosting the connectivity.

Landing pages

Landing pages are mostly used for the users to take action. If you wanted users to do something then you should be able to properly use it. However, these pages should be relevant and purposeful. You should add those marketing campaigns that could create an impact on your sales.

Magazine websites

These websites are used for educational and informative purposes. It has well-researched articles, videos, and photos. it should be designed soberly. It should have a framework that could fit every device.

E-commerce websites

The ultimate goal of any firm is to sell its products and services. To do so, e-commerce websites are designed. These websites should be designed in a way that the customers feel comfortable and convenient to shop. It should be purely a good shopping experience.


There are many types of websites on the internet. We have highlighted eight of them and had suggested to you how to design them. I hope you like this blog. If you like this blog, do share your comments.