Choosing a country for digital Marketing is a tough job. You have to work hard in research to gain the best results. You start to consider options including different countries. But you had to choose the one which can be the best choice.

There are different countries where digital marketing can play a vital key in attracting customers. The top countries can be the USA and England. But there is another country that is also growing fast in terms of digital marketing. New Zealand is among the countries where digital marketing can be the best source for catering to a new market of people.

Now the question arises, why New Zealand can be good for digital marketing? This article will help in answering the question.

New Zealand is good for Digital marketing  

New Zealand has good statistics regarding the usage of the internet. It has 93 percent of internet penetration among the population. There are 3.6 million users of social media and the mobile users have reached 98 percent.

The most used channel in New Zealand is Youtube, Facebook, Fb Messenger, and Instagram. These are the social media application that is frequently used.

There are many active users in New Zealand. Therefore, many opportunities can be approached by digital marketers.

Opportunities for marketers In New Zealand

There are vast numbers of opportunities that can play a vital role. These opportunities should be used in the first go. The following are the opportunities that can be considered:

AI and Chatbots

The name of the Chatbots used in New Zealand is Bravo Oscar Tango.

These chatbots help in solving the queries of the people. This way it facilitates the marketer by giving a personalized experience to the customers. With time, chatbots can become more accurate in answering queries. This made the customers happier with the company.

The customers are satisfied with the chatbots and Ai. Therefore other marketers can take active use of it too.

Social media marketing

Social media is such a significant element of New Zealand’s online environment. Marketers must use it. This can be the focal point for their company strategy.

90 percent of Kiwis aged 18 to 39 use social media according to research. Even older people in the 60-64 age group can benefit from this. Furthermore, 66 percent of the social media user base is between the ages of 65 and 70. 58 percent of users are being above 70.

Mobile Marketing

Different researchers are made to find out the benefits of mobile marketing. Many top companycompanies even Google have gone through different research. It is shown clearly that mobile users are increasing from time to time. People are using mobile for internet usage rather than desktops in New Zealand

It is shown that mobile usage is increasing with time. It is wise for marketers to use it for the spreading of words. It can be a great chance for them to link to users.


New Zealand is among the countries where digital marketing can be the best source for catering to the new market of people. There are many different opportunities within the countries. These changes should be sought by the marketers.