Want to be among those influential businesses that had made a mark on the internet? Yeah, it is tough for the online business to do that. But it is not impossible. Right? You should have the motivation and dedication to reach that highest level.

For success on the internet, two elements are required. One is luck. The other is the secrets that can make you reach there.

Want to know the secret? Okay! Okay! I would not drake it more. It is the website design. Yes, I am not joking. It is the design of the website that can help you reach the top level that you want.

Website design is the pillar of attraction for the audience. It is the design that plays a part in creating an eye-catchy experience. The design of the home page is the most important of all.

Your home page should set a standard that no one can deny the online presence that you create. And for a more appealing experience, we are telling you about the mistakes. These needed to avoid. With that, we are going to discuss how to design a homepage for increased conversion?

The #1 Mistake businesses make on their website home page

Let us not waste much time and discuss the mistakes needed to avoid that can lead to an increase in conversions:

Flash animation! Not a wise approach for every user

Adding the animation is good as this makes the website presentable and attractive to make your audience visit it again and again. But make sure to use visual effects that can be visible for the mobile users also.

The flash animation is incredible. However, iPhone users cannot view the virtuals as the flash player is not available in the IOS. Due to this reason, only a black-white page is visible to them.

Using a lot of content and navigations decreases the charm

The website should have structured paragraphs, pictures, and navigation buttons. It makes it very much attractive. But having a lot of those can cause difficulty for the user to find out the data he is searching for to get the best results.

It would be like finding a needle from the grass which can be frustrating. This can also make the users leave the page instantly.

Being a copycat

Copying the design or the website would not work for you. Especially when it comes to coping with famous brands.

ALWAYS BE ORIGINAL! Obtain the uniqueness that plays an incredible part in making the competitive edge. Use the design and content that tends to represent your brand with the touch of perfection. Be unique! Be creative!

Choosing the wrong theme

Have you ever visited websites that had good services and products but still their themes are not up to the mark? We consider the theme to be not so important but this thought can backfire for us.

Choose the right font and color that can represent your website and make the text visible to the user. The color of the text and the theme should be used with contracts that do not affect the visibility of the content.

Critical elements you should include in your website

The website is a crucial part of the business. It should be set a standard that could create branding for you. Therefore, the selection of each element is very much hard to do. You need a keen understanding and knowledge of the steps that can lead to betterment.

Here are the critical elements that you should put on your website to outstand the rest:

Use SEO for the RANKING

Search engine optimization works like magic that can have a spell on your users. The users can only visit your website when they need something related to your offering. SEO makes it happen for you to come to the eyes of the website when they search for the related product. It gives organic optimization that is boosted only by creativity and freshness.

Have customer support elements on your website

Customers need engagement and connectivity due to which they feel like part of your company. This is a necessity as the customer focus is the new approach that cannot be neglected.

Therefore add a chat system or contact page which can help in making the communication smoothly. Offer them customer support inquiries and quick help for making them loyal, customers.

Make the design of the landing pages attractive

Make sure to work on the typography, CTAs, whitespaces, and images to make the landing pages as appealing as possible. This would lead to an increase in the bounce rate. Forming the engagement with the customers.

Final thoughts

The key pillar of appeal for the audience is the website design. It is the design that contributes to a visually appealing experience. Especially the homepage’s design.

Your homepage should be able to set a standard that no one can refute when it comes to your internet presence.

We hope you found this article informative. Do share your comments with us.