A website is a tool that attracts customers. It tends to make a difference. This difference leads to the ultimate sales. Higher sales are the ultimate goal. So what should you do to make your website prominent?

Whether it be a website, selling books, or is related to real estate. The goal is to increase the traffic. The website should be a complete package. It should contain all the things that come to the mind of a customer.

So how to design a website that could show the full picture of the company? Well, you should first work on the basic pages of the website. The Basic pages are part of the framework. These are like different layers showing different aspects of the company.

Now you are thinking about what are the basic pages of the website? This article would fully define it. In this article, we are going to tell you the different pages that should be added to the website. These pages are the necessity of today.

Basic pages of the website


The homepage is the first page that comes on the website. This becomes the criteria for the users, to go further or not. The homepage of your website should give a clear definition of your company. It can give navigation. It should contain attractive pictures and text that could help you to brand your company.

About Us

When users enter into your website. It is mostly to know more about your company. The details about your company should be engaging. The customers should start to think that they have reached their desired company. About page should contain the vision, mission, and values of the company. It should be expressible which could create an emotional attachment with people.

Pages containing your services and product

Earning revenue is the goal of your company. Right? The right way of presentation of products and services can do this for you. This page should be the real focus. You should work on the description of the product. The description should be like storytelling. Telling how the product and the services would fulfill the customer’s requirement at its best.

Blog page

The blog page is made for customer engagement purposes. It is a source through which the company can communicate with the users. These blogs can be related to the products or they can be related to the trends. The blogs should be attractive enough to attract customers. Fresh content is the requirement of every company. Making it prominent in the marketspace.

Contact page

Creating a communication channel is vital. Without this, the customers would be shifted toward other companies. For setting a good word of mouth, there is a requirement of creating a link. This link can bring customer satisfaction.

The contact page should contain all the details. It should contain your email address, contact number, address. It should also contain the details about your pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This would create engagement among the customers.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a website that sells books or one that deals with real estate. The objective is to boost traffic. The website should be all-encompassing. It should include everything that comes to mind when a consumer thinks about you.

The website pages give a clear picture of your company. Different types of websites are discussed in this article to make you clear about the necessity of these pages in the website.