Would you have imagined a life that leads to having contact-free pick-ups and delivery? Not right? But it has become part of the new normal. It had to bring a devastating life that has come with the emergence of a pandemic.

With the entry of the covid-19, everything has started to change. People are taking measures that they have never thought about before. But in 2021, we have successfully come to the post-Covid stage. Cheers to us! We have passed this phase of life to be locked down for days and weeks to fight this. But we should remember, we are not able to get rid of it completely. We have to take measures.

These measures are maintaining social distance, wearing masks, and using sanitizers to avoid the re-arrival of the covid-19. These are the measures that the community and society take. But what are the precautions that the marketer can take? If we discuss these measures, they are countless. But for your convenience.  We are talking about the most effective tool that businesses are taking is click and collect e-commerce.

What is click and collect e-commerce?

Click and collect is a combination e-commerce strategy during which customers buy or choose things on the internet and then dig them up in-store or at a centralized collecting point. The mixed approach is to simplify the procedures of buying stuff and paying for them in-store.

Elements needed to consider for click and collect e-commerce

E-commerce is emerging day by day as people want to shop and have things without much effort. They want a living that can meet up their pace. For this, click and collect e-commerce has emerged to bring an opportunity for businesses to lead.

The following are the three things to check for click and collect e-commerce:

Monitoring the service levels

Just choose an integrated e-commerce solution to get a  click-and-collect interface in which you can oversee from everywhere, even if the company sales agent is working remotely. It should give a cross-functional perspective of orders and completion. As well as immediately warn the appropriate personnel when a purchase may be unable to be completed. So you may immediately notify consumers, organize for merchandise to be transported from that other outlet, or provide distribution instead.

Be consistent in the business processes.

Retail salespeople are dealing with changes now, such as new protocols enforced by merchants and the state. Tension and mistakes may be minimized by reducing the in-store procedure constantly.

Purchases from any source are handled by the in-store staff in the very same straightforward way in Eternity, whether the sale occurs through your contact center, a smartphone app, or your online marketplace. One uniform procedure saves time, eliminates mistakes, and allows your staff to concentrate on your consumer instead of just the transactions.

Operating process and the social distance maintenance

Arranged an alerting and collecting process to minimize the physical separation amongst the staff and clients. Whenever an order is confirmed, for example, call the consumer and schedule a pick-up time; a decent system will automatically enter this operation. Establish a specified protected area where consumers can wait for store employees to deliver their products to them through little touch.


In essence, Click and Collect is a method of dealing that lets people ‘press’ and shop directly, then ‘receive’ purchased things at a retailer instead of getting them transported.