How cheap website design is in NZ?

The estimated cost of a website depends on its design, development, functionalities, and some other factors. It will cost less if you get cheap website design services in NZ.
Other than this cost also depends on the technology you use for web development e.g CMS, ReactJS, etc. There are many CMS platforms but the most demanding and feature enrich is WordPress. Before any company makes a budget for a basic website, it needs to understand the design and functionalities requirements completely. The cost of WordPress development services in NZ depends on the complexity of the design and functionalities.

Factors affecting the cost of WordPress development services in NZ

The average cost for basic WordPress development services is around 1k$. But it is just an approximation because the average cost depends on many factors. For example, if you want a cheap website design in NZ then the design will also be very basic. An Increase in the design and features will also increase the cost. The following are factors by which you can estimate the cost.
Domain and Server setup:
The more secure and fast server will cost you more than the less secure and slow server. The average server cost for WordPress development services in NZ ranges from 10$ to 30$ per month. In the same way, some domain names are very cheap while some are very expensive. So choosing a domain and server plays a very important role in cost estimation.
Website design:
The extent of the design also takes part in website cost estimation. If you want cheap website design in NZ then there will be fewer components and low-level UI elements. The cost for an average level page ranges from 50$ to 100$. The expensive design will have more UI elements, animations, etc. Some people also pay extra for logo design. A professional logo plays an important role in brand awareness.
Adding custom features and design customization:
Under a cheap budget, your website design will be just according to the default theme. On a normal budget, there will be only built-in functionalities in the WordPress website. If you want design customization and custom features, then you have to pay extra. An extra budget is charged for WordPress development services in NZ because developers need to do extra work. For example, if someone wants to add a chat-bot then there will extra charges for that.
Professional Content Creation:
In the website development budget, you will not get good content on your web pages. Companies in New Zealand charge extra for adding SEO friendly content. Clients pay extra for content writing because content plays a major role in search engine ranking. On the other hand, catchy headings and content also attract users to read more.
Security Features:
Along with WordPress development services in NZ people also require security features for their website. Whether you make cheap website design, we recommend you to pay for increasing the security of your website. For security implementation cost is increased due to using firewalls, paid themes and plugins, developers cost, etc.
Websites need to be maintained along with time. For example, for a security feature, a website needs to be checked and maintained regularly. For such websites, customers need to pay on monthly basis other than the development cost. Almost all websites require maintenance for some time after development.

Why the website design is not cheap for different businesses in NZ?

The cost of the website design also depends on different business models. You can take the example of a blog and an e-commerce website. A blog website design is cheap because here you just need some pages to be designed like home, about us, contact us, etc. But an e-commerce design costs more because developers design more UI elements and pages for products. An e-commerce website costs very much more than a basic website. This is because there are many pages to be designed and managed. For example, pages of products, cart, checkout, orders, tracking, etc.

AffordIT provides Cheap website design and WordPress development services

AffordtIT is providing cheap website design and WordPress development services in NZ. We build websites from scratch using the latest technologies. We make a website by using web building frameworks as well as using CMS. We provide our customers with a complete package for their business websites. Our package includes designing, web development, content creation, SEO, marketing, advertising, maintenance, etc.
Our WordPress development services are professional and affordable in NZ. We develop a website by following the proper steps. We pass through the following phases while developing a professional website.

  • Understand the requirements.
  • Designing prototypes.
  • Start Actual designing and implementation.
  • Testing of the website to check whether all the requirements are completed.
  • Inserting SEO friendly content to increase search engine visibility.
  • Adding attractive images and content to make it user-friendly.
  • Digital marketing of your website to increase the awareness of your brand.