Covid 19

The pandemic had arrived in 2020. New Zealand has been successfully able to eliminate the covid-19 cases at the initial point. But with the emergence of the new variant called as delta virus. We are again at risk. Therefore the government has implemented the lockdown for our safety.
In this lockdown, people are limited to their homes. But still, they can manage their business with the help of the market space.
In the pandemic days, people are more driven to the usage of the internet. Many of the business owners have taken this as an opportunity. You can also gain benefits by having the services for your online presence.
AffordIT Limited is a software and It Solution company, which works for you. We have an online-based system that makes it convenient for you to approach us. We have a system that encourages people to communicate with us during this lockdown. We also carry out ZOOM meetings. We always keep you up to date about everything so that you do not have to take tension about anything.