How to design a homepage for increased conversions?

Want to be among those influential businesses that had made a mark on the internet? Yeah, it is tough for the online business to do that. But it is not impossible. Right? You should have the motivation and dedication to reach that highest level.

For success on the internet, two elements are required. One is luck. The other is the secrets that can make you reach there.

Want to know the secret? Okay! Okay! I would not drake it more. It is the website design. Yes, I am not joking. It is the design of the website that can help you reach the top level that you want.

Website design is the pillar of attraction for the audience. It is the design that plays a part in creating an eye-catchy experience. The design of the home page is the most important of all.

Your home page should set a standard that no one can deny the online presence that you create. And for a more appealing experience, we are telling you about the mistakes. These needed to avoid. With that, we are going to discuss how to design a homepage for increased conversion?

The #1 Mistake businesses make on their website home page

Let us not waste much time and discuss the mistakes needed to avoid that can lead to an increase in conversions:

Flash animation! Not a wise approach for every user

Adding the animation is good as this makes the website presentable and attractive to make your audience visit it again and again. But make sure to use visual effects that can be visible for the mobile users also.

The flash animation is incredible. However, iPhone users cannot view the virtuals as the flash player is not available in the IOS. Due to this reason, only a black-white page is visible to them.

Using a lot of content and navigations decreases the charm

The website should have structured paragraphs, pictures, and navigation buttons. It makes it very much attractive. But having a lot of those can cause difficulty for the user to find out the data he is searching for to get the best results.

It would be like finding a needle from the grass which can be frustrating. This can also make the users leave the page instantly.

Being a copycat

Copying the design or the website would not work for you. Especially when it comes to coping with famous brands.

ALWAYS BE ORIGINAL! Obtain the uniqueness that plays an incredible part in making the competitive edge. Use the design and content that tends to represent your brand with the touch of perfection. Be unique! Be creative!

Choosing the wrong theme

Have you ever visited websites that had good services and products but still their themes are not up to the mark? We consider the theme to be not so important but this thought can backfire for us.

Choose the right font and color that can represent your website and make the text visible to the user. The color of the text and the theme should be used with contracts that do not affect the visibility of the content.

Critical elements you should include in your website

The website is a crucial part of the business. It should be set a standard that could create branding for you. Therefore, the selection of each element is very much hard to do. You need a keen understanding and knowledge of the steps that can lead to betterment.

Here are the critical elements that you should put on your website to outstand the rest:

Use SEO for the RANKING

Search engine optimization works like magic that can have a spell on your users. The users can only visit your website when they need something related to your offering. SEO makes it happen for you to come to the eyes of the website when they search for the related product. It gives organic optimization that is boosted only by creativity and freshness.

Have customer support elements on your website

Customers need engagement and connectivity due to which they feel like part of your company. This is a necessity as the customer focus is the new approach that cannot be neglected.

Therefore add a chat system or contact page which can help in making the communication smoothly. Offer them customer support inquiries and quick help for making them loyal, customers.

Make the design of the landing pages attractive

Make sure to work on the typography, CTAs, whitespaces, and images to make the landing pages as appealing as possible. This would lead to an increase in the bounce rate. Forming the engagement with the customers.

Final thoughts

The key pillar of appeal for the audience is the website design. It is the design that contributes to a visually appealing experience. Especially the homepage’s design.

Your homepage should be able to set a standard that no one can refute when it comes to your internet presence.

We hope you found this article informative. Do share your comments with us.

Ecommerce Battle 2021: Woocommerce versus Shopify

Are you planning to build e-commerce? If yes, well done, you have taken the right step to expand your business. Nothing is better than establishing in the market space. Why? Because through this you can easily reach to the target audience. Moreover, it is the place where you can understand the buying pattern of potential customers. It is by targeting them to have the best profits.

However, have you wondered about what to choose to create your eCommerce? Have you not yet? You are confused about this. But we are here for your help. Through this article, you can make the decision based on your requirements.

Woocommerce versus Shopify: Pros and cons

Woocommerce and Shopify are the best among all the options. It has got many features that are to be the most beneficial in creating the website. But have you ever wondered which one is the best? In this article, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of these. It helps in the betterment of the performance of your e-commerce.

Ease of use

Shopify has become a straightforward platform in usage. It allows anyone with too little professional or e-commerce knowledge to work. It helps in creating a personalized platform for operating fully functional e-commerce. The consumer experience is straightforward. You establish a profile, purchase a web domain. Then begin building the shop. Shopify has a lot of templates to choose from a list. You can adjust the arrangement with their drag-and-drop feature. You may produce new items and offerings while also replenishing your stock.

WooCommerce is also reasonably simple to set up and manage. The most important thing to remember would be that you need to have a domain and perhaps a hosted WordPress implementation. As well as your own hosted plan with WordPress installed. Many hosting companies even offer one-click installation tools for Woocommerce.

Establishing a business is as simple as downloading the WooCommerce plugin after your website is fully operational. After this, WooCommerce is comparable to Shopify in terms of ease of use, with tutorials to guide you through all the initial setup and equivalent settings choices.


Woocommerce has a mobile application that is available on the play store or apple store. It helps in creating the products. It also takes the process order and monitoring the total sales. Shopify has its app store. The store has a variety of apps that are user-friendly and easy to be used.  Through these apps, you can perform different tasks like marketing, SEO.  Many other facilities in various applications in the app store are given.


The attractive themes offered by WooCommerce and Shopify deliver your business a professional presence.

You may select including over 70 free and premium themes in Shopify’s theme marketplace. However, when variances are taken into account, the true total is far above 100. Because Shopify is a specialist online marketplace, its designs are extremely polished and tailored to help you to achieve sales.

Storefront, WooCommerce’s default theme, is completely responsive on smartphones. The number of hours you’re eager to commit in, as well as your professional level of skill, determine how beautiful your layout appears on WooCommerce.

While WooCommerce’s selection is impressive, Shopify’s is better selected. The Shopify designers have spent time choosing the templates that would perform great for your company.


Among many SaaS systems, Shopify does not provide a service for free. It gives upon a 14-day preview. You will have to pay a monthly subscription for your business. Aside from a $9/month lite plan, monthly premiums are from $29 to $299.

Do you want to use Shopify Payments to manage purchases? You will pay 2.2 percent plus 20p for each purchase when you’re on Basic Shopify. It costs $29 per month. For Premium Shopify, this drops to 1.6 percent + 20p. Even when accessing third-party payment processors Shopify charges a fee on each transaction from 0.5 to 2.0 percent.

WooCommerce is free, therefore making it seem like a good offer right away. However, once you include up domain names and WordPress hosting, everything will not be so simple. Even yet, these are likely to be currently running expenditures for many firms. Thus opening a shop may well be considered a freebie. WooCommerce allows you to pick and select from a wide range of financial handlers. The costs vary, but they’re usually equivalent to Shopify’s. You won’t have to spend Shopify’s third-party transaction fee, which may be a considerable benefit.

You will almost certainly use one or maybe more applications or plugins to construct your Shopify or WooCommerce business. These might be monthly or one-time purchases. But because each store is unique, it’s hard to predict which framework will be less expensive in this aspect. Overall, if you’re paying hosting fees, WooCommerce is likely to be less expensive. If not, Shopify’s all-in-one pricing could be a better deal.


Shopify is a platform that offers online almost anywhere. It contains large amounts of point-of-sale as well as online, online networking, and many other digital markets natively. Inventory control across various sites is interconnected and maintained. It includes a website builder with over 70 free and premium themes. It has a store builder that you can drag and drop. It provides SEO and consumer targeting capabilities built-in. Campaign development, analysis, and mailings are among the advertising methods included. It includes a built-in payment system that accepts credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet. These features make Shopify perform very well for you.

Offerings and physical items, one-time transactions, and membership are all supported with Woocommerce. Payment using WooCommerce Payments, which does not need any installation or subscription fees.

The master cards, bank transfers, checks, Paypal, Google Wallet, Mobile Payments, Paytm, and other payment methods are all supported. Consumers can use native shipping functionality and third-party solutions. There is a smartphone app for order placement. Integration services with popular platforms for the promotion. There are many free and paid themes and add ons available. There are full interpretations in 24 languages. These benefits that are provided by Woocommerce make its performance unique and effective.


Encryption is simple with Shopify, as with many other things. Shopify, as a hosted platform. It is in charge of safeguarding your store’s product, customer, and transaction data. In reality, this indicates that SSL is used to safeguard consumer interactions with Shopify businesses. Shopify constantly efforts to keep attackers out of its networks.

Although WooCommerce is built with good security, protecting an online store is a more complicated process. You will have to establish SSL personally when you’re self-hosting. Several hosting packages offer Encrypt, which is free in it. You ought to keep your WordPress installation and all of its plugins fully updated with security fixes regularly.

Conclusion: Which is the winner?

Shopify is a platform-as-a-service provider. They handle storage, encryption, and support for your online marketplace. It as well as provides application and site hosting. WooCommerce, but on the other side, is a self-hosted online shopping platform. You have to get a WooCommerce hosting account as well as a domain name. Then, you are in charge of your retail website. Both programs make it simple to sell items digitally, accept payments using PCI-compliant third-party payment systems, and keep track of inventories.

What are the 7 steps in the design process?

Designing a website is not so easy. Therefore only professionals can do so. Who has good knowledge and experience in creating a design that represents you and your business well?

Therefore, you need a clear mind and dedication in learning this. There are stages in the process that should be implemented correctly. Working keenly and responsibly can only end in having an effective website.

Seven steps in the design process

You guys would be keen to know about the process. Let us not waste more time and discuss the stages that are needed to be taken for designing the website.

Knowing the vision and mission of the company

Nothing is complete without knowing why a business is established and what we are going to do in the future. These are the main questions that are needed to be analyzed for forming the strategy. The strategies are necessary to keep the employees and managers on the right track.

Define the scope of the website

When you analyze the role of the business that you have established. Then, you have to make a detailed plan about how to fulfill those. You should find out how to make a website that can completely justify the scope. The scope can be the responsibilities and the benefits that the website can provide the business.

Creation of the sitemap and wireframe

The good platform’s foundation is built on the sitemap. It illustrates the interaction between the different web pages and information parts and enables website developers to get a good overview of the site’s data architecture.

Creating a website without a sitemap is akin to constructing a house without the need for a layout. And it rarely works out.

Now you understand the mission and vision, you make the strategies and the scope. You have to make content that can be good for your website. You have to add the simplicity and innovation that can lead to success.

Creative content writing

The website should have content that defines the website well. With this, there is a need of adding the content that works best for your search engine optimization. Search engine optimization helps in building a good rank for your website. This helps in having the online presentation for having more traffic.

Adding the visual elements

We can fully concentrate on the visual presence after we have the website as well as some information in hand. Based on the user, this may have already been established, however, it might be creating a new visual style from scratch. It can be aided by techniques like design tiles, multiple purposes, and feature collages.

Testing the site

Check each webpage properly to ensure that all hyperlinks activate and also that the site displays correctly on all browsers and mobile devices. Issues can be caused by minor technical errors, and though finding and fixing them can be a headache, it’s best to do just that immediately rather than risk exposing a faulty site to the audience.

Launching your site

Now that you have made the plans and implemented them, it’s time to launch the website to see how impactful your website can be for your company

Final thoughts

Website designing is a critical process. It needs affords and hard work to work properly for the website.

This article is all about giving you a guide about what steps you should take to have a proper website design.

Benefits of Online Advertising with Google Ads

Do you search every question on google? If yes, then it is not weird at all. Every single person is addicted to this nowadays. Whenever there is any query inside your mind, you search it net. Why? Well, this is because of the availability of different websites and information that you can access easily.

Due to the increase in internet access, now Google has become a good opportunity for the marketer. The marketers are using it for their online presence. Therefore, google ads have given the companies to show themselves in the best way.

Are you still confused about whether to use google ads or not? Then this article is for you. We are going to tell you in detail about the benefits of online advertising with google ads.

Pros of online advertising with google ads

Let us discuss to understand the advantages of google ads.

Create a way to measure the success of your campaign

Whether anyone clicked the advertisement with Google Ads, you will be notified. You may also track whether visitors clicked your ad. It can subsequently do something positive for your business. Such as buying your goods, downloading your application.

You can immediately identify wherever to concentrate in your strategy. It can be by observing which advertisements are clicked. Shows ones do not get attention. It can help you get a better bang for the buck.

You may also obtain other information. Such as the cost of marketing that contributes to your clients’ online transactions or phone calls. You may also utilize analytical tools to discover your consumers’ buying behavior. Such as how frequently they spend researching your goods before making a purchase.

Forms the targeting 

Personalization allows you to display advertising to individuals who have specified preferences. Such as those who are ready to buy your offerings and to show individuals relevant advertisements.

Various targeting options are available in Google Ads, which we’ll go through in far more depth. For the time being, consider the following options for online advertisements that might help you focus your marketing even more precisely:

Ad placement: Your advertising will appear on Google search pages and also webpages in the search on google and Advertising Networks.

Devices: Your advertising can display on a range of devices, and you can control which gadgets should be in the ad and when they appear.

Keywords: These are words or expressions that are related to your services and goods. People can find your business by those words or browse the web that is related to such terms.

Age, locality, and languages are all factors to consider. Choose your consumers’ demographic, geographic region, and languages.

Google Ads also provides tools for managing and monitoring your accounts.

A My Client Center (MCC) manager profile is a useful resource. It can save your effort if you handle many Google Ads accounts. It allows you to see and administer the whole of your Google Ads accounts in one place.

Offline management is also possible using Google Ads Editor. It is a simple, accessible desktop tool that allows users to make modifications to their profiles. You may retrieve your account info, adjust your programs offline. Afterward, publish your changes to Google Ads using Google Ads Editor. You can still use Google Ads Editor to control, modify, and see several profiles at once. You can duplicate or transfer objects across advertisements and programs. You can reverse and redo numerous changes when publishing campaigns. You can reverse and redo numerous modifications while publishing campaigns.

Final thoughts

Google Ads is a Google-developed online ad platform. Place where marketers may bid to have short commercials, business solutions, product information, or videos shown to web visitors. It may insert adverts in search results. Such as Google Search, as well as on non-search sites, mobile applications, and videos.

This blog has described the risks in detailed ways. Do share your comments if you find this informative.

Benefits of Blogging for your Small Business

Businesses are worth the effort. Right? You have to work day and night to prosper in a way that can help you in reaching the top. The business has risk with it. The more you invest, the more it becomes riskier for you. There are chances of uncertainty. Loss is probable. How to overcome when you have a small business?

Having a business in market space is much safer than in the marketplace. The plus point is you do not have to invest much and can gain visibility rightly. So what do you think would be the most active way for online presence? Well, it can be through blogging. Yes, you read it right. Blogging tends to reach the top level of an online presence. How? Let us discuss it in a much more detailed way.

Pros of blogging for your small business

This blog would help in understanding the pros of blogging that can be beneficial. Let us not waste more time and discuss these benefits in detail.

Increases the web traffic to maximum

Blogging can be a great company strategy to increase web traffic. To accomplish so, you must first understand your target market. Take the resources to investigate your clients. What are some basic questions in your marketplace? Determine why people should be interested in what you’re saying.

In the end, you would like to lure consumers in at different stages of their customer lifecycle. Following your target study, you can undertake relevant keywords to choose your blogging themes and ensure to use SEO principles to enhance your postings. The first attraction will indeed be your articles. The very next step is to connect these postings to your site’s landing pages and offerings.

Establishing a brand that creates a mark in minds

Blogging provides a place to enhance your company’s brand. It’s a great chance to show off your firm’s individuality. For the best effects, keep the color scheme, design, and manner of speech consistent. What is the objective of using a blog to establish your business? The goal is to improve your customer’s close connectivity. Customers will get committed to an organization once they feel connected to it. Finally, writing for your business will increase your earnings!

Creates a way to increase sales

You will automatically notice increased profits because you will be drawing a bigger range of willing customers. Blogging about your business allows you to go inside your clients’ heads and address their concerns. You would not only attract the interest of target users and connect them with your material. However, you will also enhance the likelihood that these users will come to your website again. As a result, you will witness a sales boost and gain from blogging.


Blogging can be beneficial and effective for your business in many ways. It plays an incredible part in developing the benefits that you should not miss.

This blog has clearly defined the reasoning. Do share your comments if you find this informative.

5 Reasons Why PPC is Mandatory for your business

Are you putting in all the efforts but still not getting a good result? Despite all the efficiency and collective work. You are not able to achieve what you have planned. Then it is a red alert to revive your policies again.

There are different ways to reach out the customers. These ways can be through organic SEO and PPC. Both of them are through browser help. However, if you are looking for instant results, PPC is the best choice for you.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an online marketing technique in which charges are applied to businesses each minute when one of their adverts is clicked. Fundamentally, it’s a means of purchasing website traffic instead of trying to “generate” it naturally.

Why is PPC mandatory for your business?

Sometimes there are instant opportunities that are needed to cash on time. PPC can be the most helpful for you. How? It is in this blog. We are going to highlight the importance that would show that the PPC is mandatory.

Easiness in finding a customer and optimizing the website

PPC is very much low cost in comparison with its impact. It can set a way to reach out to the customers. A marketing campaign could start with this. The customers are approached by monitoring their interests and buying patterns. PPC is very much vital in bringing your product or website visibility.

Transforming the potential customers to real users

Through the analysis of the buying pattern, different customers can approach it. They are identified by the continuous monitoring of their searches. PPC creates an opportunity to make your product visible when the customer needs it. It helps in converting the potential customers to real users.

ROI and Sales are the real agenda

Companies work hard to achieve their strategies. They wanted to capture customers, increase visibility to gain value from its customers. Understandably, the company wants good ROI and sales. They wanted to enjoy the fruits of success. For this, PPC is the best way to start your company. It makes it obvious for the customers to see your website or product more easily.

Help in targeting the right audiences.

PPC is a focused and successful approach to contact customers due to the quantity of internet ad space. PPC networks provide you with a range of targeting options, including demographic trends, geography, keywords use, and day. The capability to strike a large net with efficiency can result in significant cost savings.

Effectively creates brand awareness.

The customers are reached out easily through the PPC. A company can make a good image through it.

You have to be able to produce the creative element in your website and content. Creativity can help you in bringing a competitive edge.


Customers are reaching in a variety of ways. These methods include organic SEO and pay-per-click advertising. Both of these are approached through the usage of the browser’s help feature. PPC, on the other hand, is the ideal option if you want immediate results.

5 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing for Your Business

Have you ever wondered why your business is not working well? Despite all the efforts you put into your business, you are not able to match your expectations. Maybe there is still some hidden cause of inefficiency that you are missing. The inefficiency is caused due to multiple reasons. The main reason is the missing planning of 4ps of marketing. A good business needs good plans regarding the four ps of marketing. Promoting the product is considered most vital.

There are various tools for promoting the product for attracting customers. The old promotion tools used in past were billboards, Tv Advertisements, and direct marketing. These were considered useful in the past but have become less effective for the firm with time.

Everyone has excess to the internet in this era which has brought new ways of interacting and innovations for companies.  The new interacting ways have introduced new tools for promoting the products. Digital marketing is one of these promotional tools. Famous brands have adapted Digital Marketing with time. The finding of people purchasing different things can be done through internet apps and searches. This can help businesses to access the data to target users.

“What are the reasons why digital marketing can be effective for your business?” This is the question that might arise in your head. Well, don’t worry, we have your back. This article would help you in analyzing the needs of digital marketing for your business.

Reasons why there is a need for digital marketing for your business

Digital marketing is important for the business to earn the best profits. This statement cannot be considered wrong. Your business with the right business plans can be able to give benefits. This can bring a competitive advantage also.

But still, there is a want of analyzing the need for digital marketing before applying it. The following are the reasons that should be considered for gaining knowledge.

Analyzing the customer expectations can lead to an increase in the customer base

Customer thoughts and beliefs are the main part of attracting them. Customer happiness is reached when the customer’s belief about the product is matched with the real experience.

Digital marketing is useful in finding out hidden information about customer purchases. The company gains data about what type of purchases the customer makes. This also helps in finding out the real users for targeting the right person.

Customers prefer personalization

There are various established companies in the market. It is very much difficult to convert your product from the product of the other businesses in terms of benefits. Personalizing the marketing plan for each of the customers is important. This can help in gaining more people to like your product.

Personalization can give reliable and effective results to the marketing campaign. This can be used in catering to more people. It converts the liking of the customers to real purchases. Personalizing the emails for promoting the products is one of the ways. It is done through trailering the words of the message. You can also give discounts on the products that the customer likes to purchase.

Helpful for the success of the business

The company launches a marketing campaign for the business to attract its target audience. Digital marketing can give a plus point in it. As it can be a good source of finding out different things. It tells about how many times people have visited your websites. It can also show among how many of them have made an actual buying?

Like this different goals can be set for the marketing campaign too. It can be measured through digital marketing matrices. The company would be able to analyze where to invest money for more success of the business.

Can generate good word of mouth and build a new way of interaction

The main step is to gain a person’s feedback in the communication cycle. This can help in analyzing whether the user is happy or not. Customer happiness is the main component of frequent purchases. 

It is essential to get the best modes of interaction with the customers. This is vital for gaining a reputation and positive word of mouth. Digital marketing can help in building these things which give your business a platform. The firm can directly communicate with the audience and obtain a positive brand through it.

Gaining higher profits is the ultimate goal

What is the real reason why a company wants to run a business? It is to gain the ultimate value from the customer which is profits. The right time, the right technique, and the right place can help in gaining these profits. But it is difficult to analyze the right time and right place for gaining profits. Don’t worry, digital marketing can be good in this. Digital marketing can help in gaining the data which could be effective for your company.


Digital marketing is a very much effective promoting tool for your business. It can be considered as a new technique to reach out the people for gaining value. In this article, the reasons are been shown about why there is a need for digital marketing. This can help gain ideas for choosing the perfect tool for the promotion.

If you find this article effective, do share your comment about it.

Top Tips To Make Your Website User-Friendly

Today in the era of the digital world. Any business must have an online presence to survive. And for that reason, the first thing that comes to our mind is websites. As technology evolves with each passing day, things become more competitive.
The same scenario is with websites. They’re not a text of information written on a page no more. It must have an ambiance of friendly welcoming your visitors. Give them a feeling of being at home. They can sit back and relax, and you show them around.
It’s up to you how you entertain your visitors and make them stay longer. It depends on how user-friendly your website is. Below we will discuss some tips to make your website user-friendly.

Listen to Your Audience

Businesses have websites only for their customers. Their inputs and feedback should be the core of your website design. Asking them what they want to see on your website will be the best approach.
A few years back, ESPN asked their regular visitors what they want to see on their website’s homepage? They took the feedback and added many features to their website. This generates a 35% increase in their revenue. It seemed like a small gesture, but its return was outstanding.

Make your Website Load At Lighting Speed

This is one of the core tips to make your website user-friendly. Nobody wants to wait for the website to load for more than 3 seconds. A survey shows that visitors want a website to load in under 2 seconds. If it’s more than 3 seconds, they more likely abandon your website.
Speed does matter if you want visitors to stay and do business with you.
There’re several tools out there to assist you in that regard. Google’s Page Insights and Pingdom. They will test your website and provide you with a report. Mentioning steps that you can take to optimize your website.

Precise and In-Depth Information

When a user lands on your web page, they want to get the information they want. To decide on your product and services. If a user has to hunt for information, it’s quite possible they get frustrated and leave. The more in-depth and accessible information you can offer, the better.

Convenient and Intuitive Navigation

When a visitor lands on your web page, the first thing he sees is your navigation. Your web page navigation must be intuitive. This means it adheres to the established conventions that make it look like users expect it.
Don’t try to invent your navigation. Despite if you try to explain it, users won’t bother to learn it. A good navigation menu should be straightforward with concise links. If you have a large menu, along with submenus items. It’s a better practice to use a mega menu on second thought. It helps users to navigate through the site and able to find what they want swimmingly.

Choose Color Palette of Your Website Wisely

It’s a core aspect of making your website user-friendly. You should have a perfect balance between beauty and clarity. Not only your color palette of the website makes sense of your industry. Also, your background color should compliment the colors of fonts you use. Keep in mind that they won’t make the user’s eyes strain.

Is New Zealand Good for Digital Marketing?

Choosing a country for digital Marketing is a tough job. You have to work hard in research to gain the best results. You start to consider options including different countries. But you had to choose the one which can be the best choice.

There are different countries where digital marketing can play a vital key in attracting customers. The top countries can be the USA and England. But there is another country that is also growing fast in terms of digital marketing. New Zealand is among the countries where digital marketing can be the best source for catering to a new market of people.

Now the question arises, why New Zealand can be good for digital marketing? This article will help in answering the question.

New Zealand is good for Digital marketing  

New Zealand has good statistics regarding the usage of the internet. It has 93 percent of internet penetration among the population. There are 3.6 million users of social media and the mobile users have reached 98 percent.

The most used channel in New Zealand is Youtube, Facebook, Fb Messenger, and Instagram. These are the social media application that is frequently used.

There are many active users in New Zealand. Therefore, many opportunities can be approached by digital marketers.

Opportunities for marketers In New Zealand

There are vast numbers of opportunities that can play a vital role. These opportunities should be used in the first go. The following are the opportunities that can be considered:

AI and Chatbots

The name of the Chatbots used in New Zealand is Bravo Oscar Tango.

These chatbots help in solving the queries of the people. This way it facilitates the marketer by giving a personalized experience to the customers. With time, chatbots can become more accurate in answering queries. This made the customers happier with the company.

The customers are satisfied with the chatbots and Ai. Therefore other marketers can take active use of it too.

Social media marketing

Social media is such a significant element of New Zealand’s online environment. Marketers must use it. This can be the focal point for their company strategy.

90 percent of Kiwis aged 18 to 39 use social media according to research. Even older people in the 60-64 age group can benefit from this. Furthermore, 66 percent of the social media user base is between the ages of 65 and 70. 58 percent of users are being above 70.

Mobile Marketing

Different researchers are made to find out the benefits of mobile marketing. Many top companycompanies even Google have gone through different research. It is shown clearly that mobile users are increasing from time to time. People are using mobile for internet usage rather than desktops in New Zealand

It is shown that mobile usage is increasing with time. It is wise for marketers to use it for the spreading of words. It can be a great chance for them to link to users.


New Zealand is among the countries where digital marketing can be the best source for catering to the new market of people. There are many different opportunities within the countries. These changes should be sought by the marketers.